Hate Makeup Shopping?

Have you ever walked into a cosmetic store and just froze? You didn’t know what to buy for your skin tone, or what looks good on you? Or worse an associate talked you into buying a ton of products you have no idea how to apply or didn’t need?  I’ve been there! Good news, there is a solution, hire a personal cosmetics shopper.

Personal Cosmetic Shoppers Exist?

Yes, that is a thing, and I am one! Yes, I am your personal makeup angel and the answer to your prayer. Hire me to be your personal cosmetics shopper and experience a makeup shopping trip to remember. Let me overhaul your makeup bag and enhance your shopping experience altogether. I will pick out products that suit your skin tone and the look you want, and discuss what each is for.

This service helps you to reduce the stress and confusion that occurs when you are shopping for cosmetics. No matter if you have no knowledge about makeup or if you are just tired of the same old look, I can help you!

I can evaluate your looks and determine what your facial needs are and select the perfect products for you. Here is an overview of my services and what they entail.

Personal Shopping Experience (1 hour)

Includes a 15-minute before shop consultation, or as we like to call it, a Beauty Raid service performed at your home. This way we can determine what you have, and what you will still need. Don’t worry, though, this is not part of your hour, you still get an hour’s shop time! I will be joining you in the cosmetic store of your choice and help you to overhaul your makeup bag in an hour.

Personal Shopping Experience (2 Hours)

Just like in our one hour service you will get a 15-minute consult with our Beauty Raid service performed at your home to assess your needs before our shop. I will be joining you in the cosmetic store of your choice and we will help you overhaul your makeup bag. This service also includes a trip back home so I can show you how to use your new products!

Clients hire me because

They trust my experience, and they know that I will cater to their needs. It doesn’t have to be one store or brand. I don’t work with any company directly so we shop by convenience to the client. You don’t have to sit at a makeup counter in front of everyone.


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